Conger Metcalf (1914-1998)
Garvey Rita  Art & Antiques Conger Metcalf (1914-1998) Mixed media on paper
Untitled (Portrait of a Young Man)
Mixed media on paper
9 1/2 x 7 1/4 inches


Conger Metcalf was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and died in Boston, Massachusetts. He began his art studies in 1932 at the Iowa Stone City Art Colony, headed by American Regionalist painter Grant Wood. Metcalf continued his studies at Coe College in Cedar Rapids with Stone City co-founder Marvin Cone. During his late twenties, and during his military service in World War II, Metcalf studied European master painters in Italy and France. This formal European influence affected his style, which differs from the earthy realism of his American Regionalist mentors.